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About Avanza Education
We opened our doors in 1998 as a home health care agency. Since then we have evolved into Avanza Education, teaching Certified Nursing Assistant classes, CPR, First Aid and Geriatric Care Certification.

In 2010 we closed our doors until 2012 when we reopened as a new update Nurse Aide Training program in a new facility location in Colorado Springs, CO

Since the need for specialized healthcare education continues to grow, we continue to change and adapt our educational programs to fit these specialized needs.

Our goal is to provide quality education focusing on patient care. We teach each student to consider the needs of their patients first and foremost. We stressing patience, kindness and understanding as the standard for all care given.

Teaching students how to help a patient with a shower or to eat a meal along with the rest of patient care procedures is easy. The one thing you can not teach is heart.

We look for students with a loving, caring heart for others. These are the caregivers that our patients so desperately need. If you are a person with a true heart that cares for others, we encourage you to find your place in the healthcare field.

At Avanza Education and Training we want to thank you for being a healthcare provider. If we can, in any way, help you in your desire to work in this field please let us know.

All our best to you.
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