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Our Nurse Aide, CNA, skills are demonstrated by experienced instructors and reviewed by an RN. Can you be sure they are being done correctly. 

Our video has all the skills that you need to know for your CNA or nurse aide state skills test.
1. The CNA skills video is current and up to date.
2. The CNA skills are demonstrated step x step. 
3. The CNA skills are demonstrated by an actual skills instructor with 10 years experience teaching       skills to actual CNA students.
4. Our skills video was made specifically for CNA students and not by a large company or               corporation that has never taught a CNA class or knows anything about state testing agencies. 

Our CNA skills video is being used by many schools and colleges across the country
See our Testimonies!

I used some of the skills I found on the Internet and I failed my test. Your video made it easy to study for the test and your extra tips were helpful. I did very good and passed! - F.T. in Georgia

CNA State Agencies

The skills you need to know for your CNA, nurse aide or certified nursing assistant skills state test are demonstrated on our video. Made by actual instructors of students preparing to take the CNA state test.

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Skills Test Video has helped many students pass the state test. This clip covers "Pearson Vue" skills. Thomson Prometric videos are available and similar to this clip.
New PersonVUE 2018 Skills. There are on changes in the procedures demonstrated on the video. The only changes from the past skills and the new PersonVUE 2018 skills is the wording in some steps has either been made simpler or more explicit. Our RN has reviewed the old and new skills and found our video to still guarantee your passing the state skills test.  Included with the video is a printout highlighting all the small changes in wording or order of steps. 

Our video has been helping CNA students with the state test for over 15 years!! We are time tested and have proven that our video works. Just because something is free does not mean it will work best for you. 

Our Nurse Aide skills video has what you need to know for your skills state test demonstrated step by step. Most videos do not have step by step demonstrations.
  • Our CNA skills video was made by actual instructors with over 20 years experience teaching the skills to students. Are skills you see on the Internet demonstrated by experienced instructors and reviewed by an RN? Can you be sure they are being done correctly? Our video is used by many CNA schools and colleges across the country.
  • Our video includes many tips to help you pass your state test that only teachers that have worked closely with state testing agencies would know.


VIDEO NOT RECOMMENDED FOR HEADMASTER TEST. If you are in a state that used HeadMaster as your testing agency this video will NOT follow your handbook steps. 
This video will help you follow the "Pearson VUE," or Prometric skills in your skills handbook. It is current and up to date.
  • Most of the skills you will be taught in your CNA or certified nursing assistant training program and most of the skills you need to know for your CNA state test are demonstrated on this video.
  • The video demonstrates each skill in the CNA Candidate Handbook step by step. The video is slowly and clearly narrated so that the certified nursing assistant student can follow along in their handbook as they watch the DVD as often as necessary. Watching it several times the day before the nurse assistant test has proven to be very helpful.
  • We gave this video to each of our students for 13 years and our students' pass rate for the "Pearson VUE" test was always among the highest in our state. It was an invaluable tool for our students!
  • Other states that use Thomson Prometric  as their testing agencies have used our video and seen improvement in their students' pass rate. Our video is current and up to date with the state skil


We ship within 24 hours of payment. We use US First Class Mail (3-5 DAYS DEPENDING ON YOUR LOCATION) the cost is $8.95.Return the video if not satisfied by the post mark date on your enclosed receipt (about 5 to 7 days) for refund less shipping. There are NO refunds on the practice tests.