CNA and Certified Nursing Assistant Skills Test Video Guarantees You Pass the State Skills Test

Avanza CNA and Certified Nursing Assistant Skills Test Video Garantees You Pass Your State Skills Test.




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Nurses and their patient

  •  The skills that you need to know for your CNA or certified nursing assistant skills state test are demonstrated on the video. The video is current and up to date.
  • Our CNA skills video was made by actual instructors with 10 years experence teaching the skills to students.
  • Our video includes many tips to help you pass your state test that only teachers that have worked closely with state testing agencies would know.

Thank you so much.  I reviewed the DVD & I just want to say, it is superb!  I know this will indeed help me pass my clinicals.  Visuals are very important. D.L. Florida

  • This video will help you follow the "Pearson VUE", Prometric or Headmaster skills in your skills handbook. It is current and up to date.
  • Most of the skills you will be taught in your CNA or certified nursing assistant training program and most of the skills you need to know for your CNA state test are demonstrated on this video. 
  • The video demonstrates each skill in the CNA Candidate Handbook step by step. The video is slowly and clearly narrated so that the certified nursing assistant student can follow along in their handbook as they watch the  DVD as often as necessary. Watching it several times the day before the nurse assistant test has proven to be very helpful.
  • We have given this video to each of our students over the past 10 year and our student's pass rate for the "Pearson VUE"  test has always been among the highest in our state.It has been an invaluable tool for our students!
  • Other states that use Prometric or Headmaster as their testing agency have used our video and seen improvement in their student's pass rate. Our video is current and up to date with the state skills.
  • Our video will help you with" Pearson VUE" , Prometric and Headmaster CNA skills/clinicals

I passed my CNA state exam last week. Thank you for the great help with your video!!- R.E. North Carolina


There are twenty-four CNA skills demonstrated in the video:

  • No other Skills Video offers all the features that we offer

    Free added bonuses on the video

    1. Valuable tips for success on your test
    2. What to expect on your test day
    3. Help and tips on practicing your skills
    4. Things to do and not do when demonstrating skills
        5.   Tips to help you pass your nursing assistant  test the first time.
  • Other added bonuses on the video
  • How to properly remove gloves
  • Proper use of a bathblanket
  • How to drain a catheter bag

Skills Demonstrated on Avanza's Skills Video

  1. Washing your hands
  2. Putting a knee-high elastic stocking on a client
  3. Assisting a client to ambulate
  4. Assisting client with using a bedpan
  5. Cleaning and storing dentures
  6. Taking and recording radial pulse, and counting and recording respiration
  7. Donning and removing PPE
  8. Helping dress a client with a weak arm
  9. Feeding a client that cannot feed themselves
  10. Giving a modified bed bath
  11. Making an occupied bed
  12. Taking and recording client's blood pressure
  13. Measuring and recording urinary output
  14. Measuring and recording a client's weight
  15. Performing passive range of motion for a knee and ankle
  16. Performing passive range of motion for a shoulder
  17. Positioning a client on their side
  18. Providing catheter care
  19. Providing fingernail care
  20. Providing foot care
  21. Providing mouth care
  22. Providing perineal care for a client
  23. Transferring a client from the bed to a wheelchair
  24. Shampooing a client's hair in bed.

Kathi from Oregon said: "The DVD arrived....I DID pass my certified nursing assistant test...The DVD was exactly what I needed to see...watching and then practicing worked perfectly...Thank you so much".


Please see Skills Video Frequently Asked Questions on the top menu to understand more about the video. Thank you.


ABOUT AVANZA EDUCATION: Avanza is a Home Health Care Agency with an extensive education department. We have been actively involved in the education of CNA's (certified nursing assistant) for over 10 years. Through our experience with our own certified nursing assistant students and networking with other facilities we found that students found it very difficult to pass the skills portion of the "Pearson VUE", Prometric and Headmaster CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant State Licensing Test. We wanted to find a way to help each CNA students in this area. We put together a video that follows the skills in the CNA and nurse aide handbook and gave a copy to each of our CNA students. Our student's pass rates on the skills test went up considerable. the DVD. I especially love the step by step demonstrations. Thank you for making it. Dawn, Montana




Three practice tests for the written part of your certified nursing assistant test. $15.00 Plus FREE 3 bonuses for a limited time.


The practice tests are made up of 70 multiple choice questions. They are the same kind of questions and the same level of difficulty that you will find on your state's nurse aide test


None of the questions you will receive will be on your actual CNA or certified nursing assistant state test. These questions are examples of the type of questions and the level of difficulty of the questions on your state test. If you do well on these practice tests then you know you will pass your state test. You will receive 3 separate tests,70 questions on each test, with the answer sheet + an explanation on why the answer is correct.


Example of a test question:

An example of a special device to help prevent contractures is a (an):

  1. handroll
  2. doppler
  3. air mattress
  4. manometer

Answer: A handroll is placed in the palm of the hand to prevent the hand and fingers from contracting in the flexed position.


These tests will give you ample opportunity to test your knowledge and help you see how prepared you are for your certified nursing assistant state test. Prove to yourself that you are ready for your CNA written test.



Example: NPO-nothing by mouth. qhs-every hour of sleep. We will include 81 more common medical abbreviations.


You will use medical abbreviations when you chart for your clients and you will need to know them to understand what other staff members have written about your client. Medical Abbreviations are like short hand. They are used throughout the medical community.


Test your accuracy in reading a Thermometer (which can be on your state test) and reading the blood pressure cuff's aneroid sphygmomanometer. These worksheets will help you make sure that you can read these measurements correctly.


Three practice test plus a list of Common Abbreviations and Thermometer Reading Test and the Aneroid Sphygmomanometer Reading Test for $15.00.


You may order the practice tests by clicking the order link  below. You must give a valid email address for the tests to be sent to you. We will not be responsible for emails that fail because your box is full or you have given us a bad address or your email provider will not except the delivery.



AL,AK,CA,CO,DC,GA,LA,MN,MS,NH,NC,ND,PA,RI,SC,VI,VA,WI,WY & VT ( See other states below)


 The video was exactly what I needed to help me pass the cna exam. Thank you so much! T.W. Charlotte, NC



Headmaster tests in these states: Arizona, Montana, New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Utah(not recommended for Utah). Our video is helpful in these states.


 I received my video and am very very happy. The video is more then I expected, I am thrilled. Thank you, R.T. Portland OR.


Thomson Prometric tests in these states: Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Michigan,  New York, New Mexico, Nevada, and Washington State. Students from your states have bought the video and have told us that it was "very helpful" for their skills test. The video teaches your how to do each skill listed above.


...beautiful video.....great investment, thank you! E.M. Tampa FL.


This video is not recommended for the state of Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maine, Missouri, Nebrasda, Texas, Utah & West Virginia. These states do not use one of the three testing agencies that our video is based on. We do not know if the video would be helpful in these states or not. If you need to see how to make a bed or use a gait belt or bedpan, etc. the video does demonstrate how to do these skills. It can not show you how your state  incorporates the skill in their step by step skills test.


This video is for those who are ready to take their C.N.A and certified nursing assistant test and want to review the skills that they need to know for the state test. This is not a teaching or training video. It is not a substitute for a C.N.A training program.



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