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Taking the CNA State Certification Exam
This information is for those who have ALREADY taken a state approved Certified Nursing Assistant, Nurse Aide, Nursing Assistant, or CNA training course and are now scheduled to take the "Vue Pearson" state test.

If you need to take a state approved CNA course contact your state Board of Nursing or state Registry Agency for a list of approved training programs.

We DO NOT give the "PearsonVUE" state test or have applications for the state test or teach the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) class online. For information on taking your states C.N.A licence test contact "Pearson VUE".


If your state uses "PearsonVUE" as their CNA testing agency (see the bottom of our "home" page to see which states use "PearsonVUE" testing agency) then you can go to pearsonvue.com and take a free practice test. If you would like more practice tests we have a set of 3 separate test you can purchase on our "order products" page.

If you need a copy of the skills you must know for the test you can find it on PearsonVUE™ web site. Go to the PearsonVUE™ site and find your state on the drop down menu and click. Find " Nurse Aide Candidate Handbook" and click. Near the end of the handbook will be all the skills.

On the PearsonVUE™ website is a multiple-choice question test. Of course none of the questions that are on the practice test will be on your real CNA test BUT the questions on the practice test are the same TYPE of questions and the same LEVEL of difficulty that you will have on your Certified Nursing Assistant state test. How you do on the practice test will give you a good indication on how you will do on your state test and how much more you need to study before you take the CNA test.

You have 2 hours (in most states) to complete the written part of the CNA test. This is more then enough time so take your time, read the questions carefully. Most mistakes are from reading to fast. Remember, if you are not sure of an answer your FIRST choice of an answer is usually your best choice. DON"T go back and change an answer UNLESS you are SURE you were wrong the first time. After you are done with your written test you can hand it in and leave.

You can take the written test orally. You have to make that choice on the application you sent into "Pearson VUE". If you did not make that choice and want to take the written test orally call "Pearson VUE" and talk to them. If you are taking it orally they will give you a tape recorder and headphones, that is how they administer an orally test. If you don't know if you would do better orally or by reading the questions yourself, practice at home. Take a practice test (we have some you can buy below) and do it by reading and answering the questions. Then take a test by having someone read the questions and answers to you. Grade them both and see which test you did better on.


(The information below is true for Colorado. It is also true for many other states. Check the Pearson VUE™ website to be sure the below information is also true for your state.)

For your skills test you will be asked to perform 5 skills in a closed room with only the Evaluator and someone in the bed playing your client. The first skill for everyone is Handwashing so practice that skill well because you know you will be performing it. The next 4 skills are picked at random from your skills handbook. Those 4 skills can be ANY 4 of the 20+ skills in your CNA or certified nursing assistant handbook so you must study all of them. Studying the skills or watching someone else perform the skills WILL NOT be enough for you to pass the skills part of your state test. YOU MUST practice the skills for yourself. Performing the skills over and over will help you feel confident in performing them in front of the Evaluator on test day. Even if you do not have anyone willing to play the part of your client you can use a doll or even a pillow and still go through all the steps of each skill.

Before you begin your "Pearson VUE" c.n.a. or certified nursing assistant skills test the Evaluator (remember he or she is a RN so act professionally) will show you where everything is that you will need to perform your skills. She will show you how to use any equipment, such as the bed controls. Everything you need to perform your skills will be in the room. When the Evaluator is done showing you around she will ask if you have any questions. You must ask any questions BEFORE the test begins. The Evaluator will NOT answer any questions after the test begins.

You have 25 minutes (in most states, check your CNA handbook to be sure it is the same in your state) to complete the 5 skills. The Evaluator will give you a written list of the skills that you can refer too after you finish each skill. If the Evaluator tells you the 5 skills orally don't panic, just go wash your hands (Handwashing is everyone's first skill) then you are allowed to ask her what your next skill is. Complete that skill and ask what the next skill is, etc. If you make a mistake in a skill tell the Evaluator " I made a mistake" she will ask you what the mistake was. She will tell you is she wants you to continue with your skill on the step you are on OR if she wants you to go back to the step you made the mistake on and go from there. This is the ONLY time she can talk to you and answer a question. If you make another mistake after that just keep on going. You can only correct ONE mistake in each skill. Remember, you do not have to perform all the skills perfectly to pass. You can make some mistakes and still pass your test. What kind of mistakes and how many no one but the testing agency knows. 


  • Wear scrubs to your test. You will look more professional.
  • If you have long hair TIE IT BACK. It is easy for long hair to get in you way while you perform your skills.
  • Take off rings (wedding rings are OK) and long earrings or large hoop earrings and bracelets. All these things could get in your way.
  • If you have long acrylic nails you need to take them off for test day. Some Evaluators will not let you test with long nails. Long nails can scratch clients.
  • As you practice your skills for your test any questions that come to your mind, write them down. The Evaluator will answer any question you have BEFORE the skills test begins.
  • You can do more steps in a skill then are in the skills handbook, example: some skills require that you provide privacy for your client, some skills do not. I don't want to try and remember which skills need privacy and which do not SO I will just provide privacy in EACH skill. I will not be counted off for doing MORE. I will only get counted off if I FORGET a step in a skill. You can do the same with putting on gloves. If you think you might forget to put on gloves in a skill that requires them then just put on gloves for every skill (except "feeding a client" no one wants to be helped to eat with someone wearing gloves).
  • Be on time for your test, if you are late you loose your test time and money.
  • You must perform every step in a skill. The Evaluator has a check list of each step in the skill you are performing. So you must do every step in a skill. Also, you can do more steps then are in the skills handbook and you will NOT be counted off. You CAN make mistakes and still pass the test, how many mistakes, no one knows.
  • To schedule a test date or check on your test score, etc. contact "Pearson VUE"

Avanza Education's skills video and other products are not associated with or approved by "Pearson VUE". All products are designed to assist the CNA test applicant with their state C.N.A. test. If there is any question about the state test or any information needed regarding the state test please contact "Pearson VUE"  
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